Prostate Massage

A prostate massage includes the stimulation of the male prostate gland, which is done by stimulating the internal anterior wall of the rectum or the external perineum. The prostate plays a key role in male sexual response, and this special massage is aimed at delivering superlative levels of pleasure!

If you are looking for a prostate massage, don’t look any further. At Tantric Touch Singapore, our massage therapists are skilled to provide an experience that replenishes your prostate with power, and energy, while immersing you in a pool of boundless joy and sensual contentment.

If it is your first time at a prostate massage, you can have your peace of mind. Our massage therapist will be very gentle, and she will use soft strokes of stimulation that will be far from making you feel uncomfortable- instead, you will feel excited, and satisfied.

The Prostate Massage at Tantric Touch Singapore is the perfect blend of external and internal stimulation that serves to revive your sexual energy, by elongating the length and enriching the experience of your orgasms. The tantric technique realigns your base Chakra, while stimulating the flow of raw sexual energy that completes you. Once your Chakras are cleared of all hindrances, you will be able to experience a higher and more powerful rush of sensual energy.

The touches, caressing, and rubbing before the internal massage, is necessary for the Tantric Prostate Massage, and this alone will help you experience highly satisfying sensations throughout your body. Once you are relaxed, and you let free of the worldly stress, then the massage therapist begins with the internal anal massage that stimulates the prostate.

At Tantric Touch Singapore, our massage therapists are trained to give safe, enjoyable and above all pleasure filled Tantric Prostate Massages.

  • Another great massage as always…thanks again. You never fail to leave me completely blissed out with a silly grin on my face! Will be sure to give you a call next time I’m in Singapore. - Jonathan

  • With my dodgy back, I’ve tried most of the massage companies in Singapore over the years. You guys stand out amongst the rest, great service and very friendly. I’ll definitely be back. - Jeff

  • I don’t know how you guys do it. Whenever I’m in Singapore on business, I can be sure that the lovely team at Tantric Touch will make sure I’m as relaxed as I possibly can be. Keep it up. - Nikolas