Lingam Massage Singapore

If you are looking for a Lingam Massage in Singapore that replenishes your sexuality and reignites your sexual energy, you have come to the right place. At Tantric Touch Singapore, we utilize the sensual tantric massage technique, also known as the ‘Sacred Lingam Healing Ceremony’ to give you inconceivable pleasure while fulfilling your body with a fresh wave of energy.

The word ‘Lingam’ originates from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning ‘wand of light’. It symbolizes pure, divine energy. The Lingam is the centre of every man’s sexuality, and the origin of a man’s creative energies. The Lingam massage is not performed with an intention that is strictly orgasm-oriented, but it is intended to facilitate pleasurable sensual healing.

It is not just a massage- it is a complete form of worship, where the massage therapist performs elegiac strokes, and while caressing your Lingam gently. The massage therapist will be in line with your sensitivity and she will apply gentle pressure according to your need.

At Tantric Touch Singapore, the masseuse will worship your most divine organ, with spellbound appreciation, throughout the session. She will only be concentrating on your Lingam, while utilizing aromatic oils that enable you to reach a state of complete sensual and mental satisfaction.

Experience a Sacred Lingam Healing Massage

At Tantric Touch Singapore, our massage therapists are ready to provide you a complete experience of ultimate relaxation. The dimly lit environment, the aroma, and above all, the expert hands and body of the massage therapists fuse together take you to a whole new level, where you can experience powerful energy radiating from your Lingam-energy that lets you revive your creativity, sensibilities, and most of all your desires, while at the same time, healing you, inside out.

  • Another great massage as always…thanks again. You never fail to leave me completely blissed out with a silly grin on my face! Will be sure to give you a call next time I’m in Singapore. - Jonathan

  • With my dodgy back, I’ve tried most of the massage companies in Singapore over the years. You guys stand out amongst the rest, great service and very friendly. I’ll definitely be back. - Jeff

  • I don’t know how you guys do it. Whenever I’m in Singapore on business, I can be sure that the lovely team at Tantric Touch will make sure I’m as relaxed as I possibly can be. Keep it up. - Nikolas