Four Hands Massage

Known as the Ocean Waves therapy, the Four Hand Massage is a form of massage therapy that includes two beautiful massage therapists. It’s considered as the perfect way to stimulate unique sensations and produce loads of health benefits all in a short session.

There’s no doubt that the Four Hands Massage is perhaps one of the most enjoyable massage sessions you will ever receive, and it’s one of the most popular treatments that we offer.

As the name suggests, the Four Hands Massage involves two therapists working in synchronized motions to provide you with the ultimate sensual experience. The entire session is designed to be highly choreographed, so settle for nothing but the best massage therapists when it comes to the Four Hands Massage.

Our therapists are highly skilled in the art of Ocean Waves and Tantra, enabling them to offer you sensations that are completely out of this world!

The best thing about the Four Hands Massage is that there’s more muscle stimulus occurring within the same time period as compared to the typical Tantric Massage treatments.

There are a number of various routines and styles associated with the Four Hand Massage treatments and we have everything available to cater to your every whimsical need.

The Four Hands Massage is known to offer twice as much pleasure and of course twice as many benefits.

With so many benefits as well as pleasurable experiences, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t book a session for a Four Hand Massage session today!

  • Another great massage as always…thanks again. You never fail to leave me completely blissed out with a silly grin on my face! Will be sure to give you a call next time I’m in Singapore. - Jonathan

  • With my dodgy back, I’ve tried most of the massage companies in Singapore over the years. You guys stand out amongst the rest, great service and very friendly. I’ll definitely be back. - Jeff

  • I don’t know how you guys do it. Whenever I’m in Singapore on business, I can be sure that the lovely team at Tantric Touch will make sure I’m as relaxed as I possibly can be. Keep it up. - Nikolas